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About Us

We are a 100% subsidiary of Enercon, one of the world’s leading turbine manufacturers. As a truly international player, Enercon is developing projects and selling turbines in more than forty countries. In most of these, revenues from wind farms are subject to volatile prices of electricity and green certificates. It is our job to optimize the revenue side. We enable new Enercon projects and support existing ones to supply clean energy to the world. To accomplish positive impacts and develop the best solutions for our projects, Quadra International combines Origination, Portfolio and Risk Management.

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About Origination

For a positive investment decision on a new wind farm, the future revenue stream of the asset needs to be understood and secured. How is the electricity going to be sold? What price will it achieve? How will it be balanced? Our Origination team uncovers the answers to these questions and negotiates the necessary agreements:


About Portfolio Management

Wind projects have volatile revenue streams. Volumes and prices for power and green certificates fluctuate every day, whilst banks require their loan to be served, and investors require returns to be made. We support our clients by implementing risk policies and hedging strategies, as well as providing portfolio management services. To this end, we provide market access, trade actively the positions under management, and analyze the markets we are active in.


About Risk Management

At Quadra Power International, we take risks, and their management, very seriously. A risk policy defines our guidelines, which is broken down into a project-specific hedging strategy. Risk Management routinely monitors in its operations that the colleagues on the trading side comply with these standards. In this area, we have implemented operational rigorousness, backed by excellent data quality and a high degree of automation.


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